Customer Reviews

Mr Cox

Lovely to drive, body roll non existent compared to L200 and immense torquey when towing fully laden compared to L200 but, interior feels very cheap, very poorly equipped and the heating ventilation system is a joke. That said, I've just bought a second DMax because for the drive and ride quality alone there was no comparison with the L200 (the only other serious contender for serious workers) and everything else you get used to, eventually! Real shame though about the heater and the interior lighting....

Mr Potter

Reliable pick up. Shame about windows passenger and drivers no wiping in out when on down up switch. MY old rodeo better finish. 

Mr Kinnon

The Dmax is second to none for ride comfort and reliability wether on road or off road this truck does what it says on the tin drives like a car on road and drives like a beast off road I do a lot of beating and working my dogs means I sometimes have to hit the dirt on normal tyres it doesn't let me down as for towing it's a beast I recently towed a twenty four foot caravan down garowby hill near Bridlington in beknown to me at the time the brake linkedege had come undone in transit but the stability control and weight kept me safe 

Mr Dart

Great vehicle to drive with loads of power at low revs. Smooth drive, great suspension and tows really well. I would not have any other truck now I have been converted to an Isuzu! To top it off the servicing schedule and warranty are unbelievable. 

Ms Rogers

A great truck that offers comfort as well as practicality for off road

Mr Turner

my dmax yukon is even better than i thought responsive agile and with loads of power even my wife who is small likes driving it

Mr Flintoff

Superb vehicle very impressed with its handling and comfort , I had mine converted to a huntsman with the Isuzu pack of black trim to hide all Crome , twin dog kennels on top of the gun draws and a rubber rugged trim skirting which I think finishes it off, the down side I have found that the key is too big and does not fold away and it is very sensitive in your pocket , you can open or shut your car without knowledge , I also don’t like the hooks on the driver side floor to hold the rubber mat in place they are a nuisance .

Mr Mitchell

I bought my DMAX Yukon a year ago because I wanted a vehicle strong enough to pull my caravan with ease. This truck fits the bill perfectly. When towing uphill or down dale, on motorway, country road or off road, nothing is too much and the DMAX takes everything in its stride with ease. The load bed is large enough for my 3 bikes and everything for the caravan and the fuel economy even when fully loaded and towing is excellent. Build quality is fantastic. I am convinced that I made the right choice when choosing the DMAX.

Mr Midgley

So far a great pickup. Well made and good build quality.
Engine pulls well and ride is on a par with over makes out there.
Just switched from a Ford Ranger T6 and think this is a better pickup so far.
I like the fact that the sides of the bed are not as high as some of the other makes and makes it much easier to get items out . some pickups are getting far to big to be practical .Interior layout is good and the dash is not complicated  as to many buttons are distracting when driving. Hopefully it will serve me well over the next few years